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Enjoy the little things in life

Celebrate life by adding some sparkle to it

About CO88 Collection

Where style and confidence align is the best place to be. We live by the saying “enjoy the little things”. To do practice what we preach, CO88 Collection has a mission to inspire as many women as possible to become confident and dare to shine. We do this by producing affordable, high-quality luxury items that tend to exceed customers’ expectations.

By inspiring our ever-growing community, we invite everyone to come and join us in celebrating the little things in life. Being grateful for what you have and who you have is what gives life true meaning.

Founded in 2014, CO88 always wanted to turn the passion for jewelry into a feasible brand. Together with our passionate team, our aim is to bring together passionate ideas, and turning them into luxurious jewelry for you.

Our Story​

The entire team values love and passion. We do our best to combining these values with some of natures’ most important elements, to give each piece of jewelry that ‘little extra’. That ‘little extra’ is what we want women to chase. Being confident in your own skin, enjoying the little things in life through the light of our collection.

CO88 Collection offers a great collection of affordable luxury. Necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets, our team has shined their lights on a wide variety of jewelry. We're proud to say that everything is done in-house. From sketching and designing the beautiful pieces, to manufacturing and shipping, we make sure our items are perfect before we send them out.

Celebrate life by adding sparkle to it

At CO88 Collection, we enjoy the little things in life. For us, affordable luxury is one of those things. Our collections are designed to make women feel confident and ready to start our day. Our collection is made by our creative team that has lots of love and passion for jewelry. By incorporating nature elements in our collections, we allow our customers to stay close to their selves while wearing their personal favorites.

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